Palazzo Rosenthal **** - Hotel & Ricevimenti

The Wedding at Palazzo Rosenthal

The pride of Palazzo Rosenthal is the organization of events and weddings.

We have a panoramic room that can accommodate 200 people, with large windows that allow you to enjoy the breathtaking view from every table.

The structure is granted exclusively to the married couples .

Palazzo Rosenthal, despite the recent construction, enjoys a thirty-year experience in the banqueting sector of its management. Our events are known for quality of the restaurant service, thanks to the contribution of our young and talented chef Saimon Zac Annunziata.

Saimon was born in 1992 in Pompei.

Since he was little, shows great passion for cooking, thanks to the influence of his father, Luciano announced, known restaurateur of the Vesuvian territory.

He began to practice his profession at the age of only 13 years at “La Rosa Rossa” and then become a professional chef, graduating with the maximum score at hotel school in Roccaraso.

Saimon Zac Annunziata has many experiences at well-known restaurants, hotels and hotel chains in Italy, such as Blu Hotel and Il Faro di Capo D’Orso, and in England, at Hasting, where he worked for several years in various restaurants in the area.

Today, Saimon is a very appreciated chef at Palazzo Rosenthal and delights our guests’ palates thanks to his experience and his ability to transfer the great passion and creativity that distinguishes him, to the dishes.

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